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Truckzilla established in 2010. "We are bringing trucks to a whole new level! Taking ordinary boring trucks that your grandpa would drive and turning them into trucks Chuck Norris would rock!"


Truckzilla is a specialty off-road brand. We have multiple independently owned and managed shops across the country that offer a variety of services. Some specialties include:

- Custom Builds

- Custom Products

- Gear

- Decals

- Lift Kits

- Welding

- Performance

- Customization


Our goal is to provide a buying experience that is enjoyable and friendly. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and we will not pressure you into buying something that does not fit your needs.

* Locations of independently owned and managed shops.  Please contact the store you are trying to reach directly.


Truckzilla of Vacaville

Operated by

 Heberle's Offroad














* Truckzilla and Truckzilla.com are in no way responsible for daily operations at the locations listed.